Hints for sellers

Illinois Home Real Estate

Selling an Illinois home, property, or real estate can be a confusing and complicated process. This page contains hints and tips to help guide you through the sometimes daunting task of selling a home. If you ever have questions that are not addresses in these pages, please do not hesitate to ask me in person.

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Finding the right Sales Associate for you

Selecting a salesperson to help you sell your home is a key part is a successful sale. Below is a list of questions you might want to ask prospective agents to make sure you find a good match.

  • How will you reach prospective buyers?
  • What steps will you take to ensure that my house has an appropriate listing price?
  • How do you identify market trends?
  • What measures will you take to make sure I stay informed?
  • What is your overall marketing plan?
  • Setting an appropriate listing price


One of the most important factors to a successful sale is the listing price. Obviously, a listing price that is set too low will likely result in a sale for less than is fair for the condition of the house and the location. But what many people do not realize is that a listing price that is set too high is just as big a mistake. In fact, properties with high listing prices get fewer buyers expressing interest, take longer to sell, and ultimately tend to sell for under the market value! I can help you make sure your listing price is fair, and aligned with market trends.

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Your selling plan

Selling a home requires a good solid plan, and as an experienced realtor, I can offer you the benefit of my experience – good planning. As your agent I will:

  • Research the market trends for the area you are selling in
  • Create a marketing plan for your property
  • Expose your property to as many prospective buyers as possible
  • Keep you up-to-date and informed about all progress
  • Ask me about my sales and marketing plan for your property.